In a century, racism and religious favoritism had been a restrictions of the West directed mostly at helpless blacks and the Muslim Populations, despite the fact that their acclaimed submission to the indoctrination of Democracy as system of Government free for all. In the United States, Indian-American despite historical record of being an ancestral inhabitants have over the years been subjected to severe discriminations, unnecessary Stigmatization, public degradation and inhuman treatment amongst others.

obviously, cases of harassment of the Muslim Populations and the Blacks in China and the United States, has arrested the world attention, outsmarted by the devastated abssolutely in the United Nations, which up till this moment since 1945 had not been able to shake the table or laid to rest as Muslim Populations and the Blacks keep sustaining injuries from the Western powers, which makes livelihood of the said Muslims and blacks in China and United States nothing worthy of writing home about.

In recent times, looking at the 9/11 attacks which unveil the official launching of Islam-phobia in the Western world, United States of America in particular, best understand from a statement tag “All Muslims are not terrorist but all terrorists are Muslims which trend for more than a decade is enough a prove of the discriminatory tendencies launched at the Muslims Population, to the recent deal of the century, recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, had succeeded in rubber-stamping the activities of the United Nations as a toothless bulldog, despite resolution 218 which unanimity provide a right of return to the subjugated Palestinians to return to their occupied lands.

Despite an influx of the Pandemic Coronavirus, in the Western world, punching and somersault the economy of the European and American Nations while horse-whipping the whole world indefinitely, the weird Western powers kept waxing their callous attitude stronger, by either victimizing or aiding victimization of the Muslim world and blacks respectively.

The case of a black in Minneapolis was recently reported in the United States; where the black American had been harassment to death by the policeman extra judiciously.




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