An extraordinary doctor and an actress

AN EXTRAORDINARY DOCTOR AND AN ACTRESS: Tells the love story between a genius doctor and an actress who are two people who both refuse to have their marriage arranged by their parents, yet realize that love is destined.

Actress JULIAN has a beauty that can challenge the heavens. With her famous on the rise, she used to be in the center of attention. However, the dark side to fame means that she’s a magnet for controversy. She may be the best at flirting but she doesn’t get any further and has been single since her birth.

Mr. Benson is a genius doctor with the looks. He have money and very smarts. He is a perfectionist who likes to be in control but doesn’t care much for many things as he can be quite indifferent. Women flock around him in droves and he doesn’t bat an eye. Instead of that he usual overbearing CEO that falls for the woman, it’s the actress who takes initiative in love.

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