Five ways that conflict helps in relationship

Five ways that conflict helps in relationship

  1. You return stronger

Every disagreement does either of 2 things to a couple draw the closer. Conflict has a way of making a couple grow fonder of a loser to each other just like fire only make gold purer. Conflict is well handled.

Conflict offers you and your partners an opportunity to grow.

  1. It eliminates pretense

Conflict helps everyone to air their minds and come out clash. A relationship with no conflict or disagreement whatsoever involves at least one pretending partner.

  1. You will know who you really dealing with

Conflict or a disagreement will expose their true nature, their dislikes, their capacity and how they handle conflict that they have been hiding or been ignorant of. There are aspect of a person you will never know till they get provoked even they themselves may not know that aspect of them exist because they’ve never been provoked before.

  1. A conflict is like a push suddenly

You are forced to say all that is in your mind to your partners then realizes that they’ve been hurting you all along they can then apology and make amends and of course your relationship is better of it. Love has a way of making us want to keep quite. Let it go, ignore.

  1. It builds trust

Your trust for the viability of your relationship amend marriage grows and that allows you to open up more whenever you feel, after a conflict is adequately resolved you realize you feel more trusting of your partner because you’ve just had a disagreement and you survived.

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