1) What’s more irritating than a child from the next compound playing With the word ” up NEPA” when your battery is 2 percent . You should disclose to me who born you?

2) Someone will hug you and your phone will be missing. Is that not an example of Nigerian got talent. Harlious
3) Shaving is an old method why not boil water and pour it there and then you start removing the hair one by one do these and thank me later, I can’t shout.
4) Stop taking picture besides people’s car, your village people will kill you for nothing. just an advice to you

5) No matter how bad you are you can’t be totally useless, you can still be used as a bad example…..bad image that one
6)  My uncle is new on Facebook he has been searching for me but he can’t find me because he is busy typing ” my sister first born”…….he will search till eternity. Google meaningless
7) No one is more cautious than a person sending love message to his young lady in another relationship. He can even check the dictionary to be sure of the spelling of “Love” My brother why the stress? This is a relationship not an English class is about love.
8. I seriously need to stop listening to people’s gossip in taxi, I nearly followed someone home just to hear the rest of the story. That carelessness
9. Have made so many mistakes in my life but what I’ll not try is to fight where there will be no person to separate us. I can’t intentionally kill myself.
10. Am never going to communicate in English again until find that letter *J* in Soldier… Amazing

11.Go to school you refused, now u are asking if quarantine is different from Corona virus, is it not your first cousins

12.AFRICAN PARENTS can be so irritating! They will wake you from your sweet dreams just for them to ask if you are sleeping.
13. Welcome to my country Nigeria, where stylists will hang pictures of hairdos they can’t do… Nigerian hairdressers I salute you guys

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