1. They invented the virus to reduce the world population, now everyone is inside having sex.. They will soon see the real population the country

2. Life is unfair! Once you finish school, your family stops giving you money as if the certificate comes with a cheque. but life is unfair

3. Sister Lola, do your parents know that two rounds are not normally enough for you? question
Yes you, I’m asking you but while asking.

4. When your roommate is a Christ Embassy prayer warrior, you greet her “Good morning” and she replies you in tongues said Abracadabra………………..

5. Finally, I’m ready to settle down, I just need a chair hummm while not table.

6. Study your partner while in courtship, because “Lead us not into temptation” is better than “Deliver us from all evil”
Thank you for your recitation.

7. If I tell you I don’t have money and you tell me “Big boy like you”, I will curse you, I hate nonsense.

8. Children first! Children first!! That’s while rice finish in church yesterday. I don’t eat out of it. but that sheeting

9. Nowadays it’s hard to tell whether a girl is walking on the road with her father or her boo. Confused generation

10. When you wear native to church and climb the altar, its called ALTARNATIVE.
Sense won’t kill us!!!

11. My dear, 7 days with money makes one WEEK, but 7 days without money makes one WEAK.
Apply Wisdom

12. You are not posting the pics of you and the love of your life again, What happen? Thinking about Money. Love don’t bring money

13. My brother, don’t expect her to know the names of your club players if you are not ready to know the names of all the actors in Zee World. Really.

14. A risk taker is someone who has running stomach and still wants to fart. wow

15. Hausa man: 35years, 1st son: 20years Yoruba man: 35years, 1st son: 15years Igbo man: 40years, about to wed.
Is so okay.

16. Those that will read all my funny post without laughing……..,…….There is God

17. If I’ve made you smile, kindly comment to my post.

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