Meet TB Joshua’s Family

Prophet TB Joshua’ wife and is children have always been strangers to the public life because they live in a private life. His wife and children played a major role in his leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Temitope Joshua Balogun known as TB Joshua was happily married to Evelyn Joshua together with his three daughter, Evelyn Joshua’s has not son.

Evelyn Joshua is a minister at the Synagogue Church.  Evelyn is a workaholic and always supported her husband. She considered herself very lucky to be married to a man of God. Serah Joshua is the eldest. She is a graduate of the London school of economics under department of law. According to her statement, one of the greatest characteristic of Temitope Joshua is humility.

Serah, she is a true believer that her father is a man of God. Temitope Joshua was very proud of his daughter, and serah always tried not to disappoint her father. She married an disciple of ministry in a private low key ceremony.

Second daughter, she studied international relations and politics in London school of economics. She disclosed that TB follows are father was not strict, but was harsh when necessary. In her statement said, TB Joshua is true example of honor.

The third child of TB Joshua, said she didn’t have much information to say about is daddy, apparently, the family hides information about the last born. SHE Said TB Joshua was one of the most influential persons not only in Nigeria but in African.



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