My Girl Friend….Update

My girlfriend period. Her First Menstruation while with me. I remember when my girlfriend’s period came unexpectedly, on the first day she visited me in my house and slept overnight. She wake up in the morning and noticed about her period, she was so embarrassed, so Ashamed.
She couldn’t get out quick on bed. Not knowing how to tell me or react because our relationship was only a few weeks old.
Finally she asked me to show her where she can wash the sheets.
She got emotional and cried. Seeing her cry like that, I felt I was stabbed with a knife on my chest, so painful in sort. I held her hand looked at her, kissed her on her forehead, I told her that it’s not her fault. That day I was supposed to go to work had a presentation but seeing that my woman isn’t feeling well, I took a day off from my work just to make sure she is happy. My conscious couldn’t let me go to work knowing she is not well okay.
I took the sheets washed them. Ran a bath for her and went to the nearest shop to get her pads, gave her my sweatpants and vest to get comfortable in my room.
Made her a Chinese herbal tea, rubbed her tummy, cooked for her and we ate Snacks and chilled together all day. Made it a priority that being in periods isn’t something you Wish for. And we as a men we don’t have to be disgusted by them, when we say we love you we don’t have to just say it, but prove it in actions as well. Going to the periods for ladies is by nature not a choice, we have to understand that, let’s love them, show them our conscious.
LADIES do you support me or not………..


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