When I was a child, my life was my religion. I wanted to play. I wanted to explore my world. I wanted to have fun. I had no condition and expected none. I enjoyed experiences for the sake of experiencing. I loved for the sake of loving. I felt happy free and empowered. My source of being comes from is within me, experiencing the world through my eyes and body.

One of my greatest childhood memories of freedom was running through the meadow of tall grass at the back of our house. Feeling the wind on my face, the head of grass grazing through my palm, the scent of nature and the light moisture in the air, the sounds of grasshopper and dragon-flies, gazing at the forest beyond the fencing. I would fly kites made from newspaper with my brothers and friends in that meadow. It was blissful. I felt like I owned the universe and everything was arranged for my own pleasure and enjoyment. These images are childhood religion in the form of a spiritual awaking when my son was born. It was a calling. A remembering. A summoning to let go and let life be simple again. Summoning the courage to let go of miniseries and inherited beliefs that do not serve my purpose. Letting go of the illusions and falsehood. Dropping my mask and being authentic to myself. A call to embrace the one that has always been there all along: Me.

Everything is for my pleasure and existing for me to know myself. The most beautiful things in life are free. Live your life in accordance to what brings you peace.

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