Some Women Will Never Cheat On You But Their Stubbornness

Some women will never cheat on you but their stubbornness they haave can give you high blood pressure. Some people will not know that all my posts here is not all about jokes… If I say I’m selling TomTom, Sweet they will think maybe I’m joking
Natural remedy for Impotency =Honey + Onion
Alternative solution, unripe pawpaw and H2O
Preparation: Crush unripe pawpaw. Put the crushed unripe pawpaw in a gallon and add water. Allow for four days to ferment. If you want to cause trouble buy confirm African Jollof rice and chicken with cold bottle Pepsi, Open it in a bus and let everyone smell
Don’t forget to shake the Pepsi very well so that if you open it, will do shhhriiii. If you see any girl with dimples, curve butty, average in height, my brother that is my wife, we have not met but don’t touch her please.
All this people that will be asking questions like “Can you burn your certificate because of 50million… question, I can burn the certificate, burn the school, and burn the ministry of education… I hate nonsense
please Can anyone teach me how to cook cornflakes I’ve already added tomatoes and onions, what else remaining please?.
You broke up with her and you wants to collect all the things u bought for her, Is it possible? You went to charge torchlight, they play tesu mole, you jumped up to dance and mistakenly stepped on someone’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. knew eating was my hidden talent the day I finished 7 moles of Fufu and still requested for more, the problem is just that I’ve not seen anybody to invest in me. I hear that Covid-19 patient steal doctor phone for isolation center, Nigerian.

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