Sport News Update: According  to Solskjaer said we can use five subs and have nine on the bench

Increasing the number of substitutions and players on the bench will allow managers to  their squads during a congested schedule when the Premier League will be re-schedule this month,  according to Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said that the league, suspended since mid-March due to the corona-virus pandemic, will resume on June 19 after the agreement temporary rule changes to increase substitutes from four to six per game.

The number of players that are allowed on the bench has been putting up from seven to nine which been increase.

We  had time out so I don’t think we can expect that those lads who have missed lots of the football can last in the full game but now the rules have changed this time. According  to Solsskjaer said we can use five subs and have nine on the bench.

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