Emotional update: Temporal and Eternal

Let us settle it in our minds, for one thing, that the future happiness of those who are saved is eternal, however little we may understand it, it something which will have no end, it will never cease, never grow old, never decay, never die.

Let us settle it, for another thing, in our minds, that the future misery of those who are finally lost is eternal. This is an awful truth, I am aware, and flesh and blood naturally shrink from the contemplation of it.

Let us all settle it firmly in our minds that the only way to pass through thing seen with comfort and look forward to things unseen without fear, is to have lord for our savior and friend.

The great unseen state of existence which lies behind the grave, is for ever. Whether it be happy or miserable, whether it be a condition of joy or sorrow, in one respect it is utterly unlike this world. It is for ever. There at any rate will be no change and decay, no end, no goodbye, no mornings and evenings, no alteration, no annihilation. They should be seen as they have been seen, known as they been known, whatever there si beyond the tomb, when the last trumpet has sounded, and the dead are raised, will be endless, everlasting, and eternal. The things unseen are eternal.


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