Originality :

Olamide came into the Industry as he, himself and nothing more. A young talented bariga boy hungry to be heard. He showed he has a lot to give rap lovers in the country. He isn’t shy to say he is from the slum and he kept giving the hood a voice in the Industry. The industry been filled with giants that rose to stardom with enough support both financially and reputable influence. It is right to say coming up as an underdog isn’t an easy task. Olamide’s originality made the street love him. Seeing one of their own rapping and giving a voice for them is a thing of joy. Undoubtedly, Olamide won the heart of the street with his originality. He is not intimidated with the belief that Rap can be most delivered in English. He keeps making it known that language is not a barrier and he has proven it. We can also say Olamide is the most successful indigenous rapper in Nigeria and has cleared way for many other young talents.

Consistency : Ever since he came to the limelight with his hit single ‘Eni Duro’ He didn’t relent his effort, he went ahead to give more lovely sounds. Rapping both in Yoruba and English mixed with pidgin English. He dropped his first album ‘Rapsodi’ and then the following year. Badoo dropped the game changing album ‘YBNL’ which most people still consider as his best album of all.  In one of his songs he said ‘after my first album, ‘won ro pe won ni ri mo’ meaning ‘A lot of people think he’ll be gone after his first album’ He kept dropping hot tunes from ‘Durosoke’ to ‘Badoo Love and loads of others. His consistency makes him drop an album every year with tonnes of singles and collaborations. He is no doubt the most consistent rapper in the music industry. He has been one of the pillar in the Nigerian Music industry he has written his name in the book of LEGENDS….


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