The faint of deaf

Yoruba say “Aditi Daku ise da” i.e the faint of deaf causes exertion though, it has been in the tongues of many people that I look like Hausa, I never denied that in fact I love it but that resemblance almost land me in trouble today, I did not understand Hausa I would have seek refuge with them yet I can’t speak French either talk less of julah which is their indigenous languages I am bilingualism (Yoruba and English are two languages I can speak)now, I realized as I was  passing through the busy place like oyinbo market – silent like grave yard then I started suspecting something suddenly I heard someone mentioned Hausa in her utterances I can’t give clear meaning of her statement At that time fear started to catch me I never know what catapult me to where Yoruba people are, I asked one woman who was busy parking her market, she said “Awon hausa ati awon omo ane  lo nja Kie  ya Tete maalo ile nitori eyin lejo Hausa yii awon omo ane le seyin ni Jamba tabi awon olopa” at this time.

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