UK Announce New Human Right Program

Hilary Mossberg, Director of Illicit Finance Policy at The Sentry, said: “For years, abusers of human rights have been using the UK financial system to launder profits generated from these violations. Today, the UK has made clear that persons perpetrating and profiting from serious human rights violations will no longer be able to continue their dirty business as usual. We commend the work of the FCO and Foreign Secretary Raab and urge the UK government to include corruption as an additional criteria as today human rights abuses are so often fueled by profiteering and graft.”

Denisse Rudich, Senior Advisor for The Sentry to the UK, he said: “The UK’s newly announced Global Human Rights sanctions regime is unique in the world in that it not only targets those who commit human rights abuses but also those who profit from them we welcome the UK’s action to bring hard-hitting sanctions aimed at those most responsible for massive human rights suffering, laying the foundations for action against regimes whose ruling elite endorse and encourage such atrocities.”

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